What does a wordsmith with an education background do? She writes fiction for people who are learning English as a second language.

The readers of books such as Island of Shadows, The Show Must Go On and The Singing Stones are teenagers and adults in Europe and Asia. They want to read original, entertaining stories that are carefully crafted to suit their level of competence with English.

It's a challenge to write a fantasy or an adventure story using the simplest of words. Sue thinks being a playwright helps her write these books, as the reader is often reading 'between the lines'. 2007 is a milestone year for Sue - the publication of her first level 1 story - she sees it as having limbo bar on the lowest rung.

New Titles

Wild Water and Blown Away are being released in Germany, Korea and elsewhere early in 2007.
Grizzly and The Singing Stones will be published later in 2007.

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